AmixPro®Amino Whey Gold 180tbl

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Amix™ Whey Amino Gold is a special pure whey amino acids supplement in convenient tablet form. Amix™ Whey Amino Gold is made of high quality whey hydrolyzate, which guarantees the achievement of a high level of branched chain amino acids (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine), which are so effective in training related catabolism.


-       Contains Whey Hydrolyzate

-       Optimal and complete amino profile

-       high in BCAA

-       Supports anti-catabolic reactions

Recommended dosage: Take 6 tablets 2-3x daily between meals. Wash down with plenty of water.

Ingredients: hydrolyzed whey protein Lactalbumin /from milk/, anticaking agent: microcrystalline cellulose; croscarmellose sodium; anticaking agents: magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

Warning: Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. The product is not designed for children. Keep away from children. Do not exceed recommended daily dosage! Store at a temperature not exceeding 25°C in cool dry place away from sunlight. The product should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. The producer is not liable for any damage caused by improper use or storage.
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