Schiek Knee Sleeves

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Schiek Power Knee Sleeves are designed by and endorsed by Olympic Champion Weightlifter Tommy Kono.  The 1/4 inch thick neoprene sleeves provide excellent support to stabilize the knees and warmth to improve circulation.  The durable sleeves are stretchable and washable.  May also be used as elbow sleeves. Sold in pairs.

Available in the following sizes:  (Use body weight when ordering as knee sleeves)

Small:  Up to 130 lbs  (Also fits as elbow sleeves with 11" - 14" bicep circumference)

Medium:  130 - 195 lbs (Also fits as elbow sleeves with 14" - 18" bicep circumference)

Large:  195 - 230 lbs  (Also fits as elbow sleeves with 18" - 21" bicep circumference)

X-Large:  230+ lbs  (Also fits as elbow sleeves with 21+" bicep circumference)

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